Soonbok Lee
Business License No.
Main Business area
Intelligent window cleaning robot
Development of Curtain wall type window cleaning system
Company establishment
31st July 2014
94-31 Palgong-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

RF Co. will make the clean and healthy future with human-assistive robots.

Since its foundation in 2014, RF Co., as a technology expert for the AI(Artificial Intelligence) robots to help human live in the clean and healthy future world, has developed a window-cleaning robot named ‘Windowmate’, which carries out cumbersome and demanding window-cleaning tasks automatically instead of human, and released the products to the international/domestic consumer electronics market.

‘Windowmate’ has been positioned as one of the most attention-getting life-care service robots with high reliability and user-friendliness, since it is the world-first autonomous robot using a pair of permanent magnets on both sides of the window pan, and is achieving a great success especially in the Japanese market with picky customers’ tastes. Based on the success in the Japanese market, we are gradually conducting the marketing efforts in the global market such as the Americas and Europe as well as in the domestic market. We are also preparing for a new leap by fostering smart cutting-edge experts and strengthening core competence of the company.

As the future life trend is changing with the 4th industrial revolution, we would like to provide our customers with advanced robotics technologies and products available in human-residential environments a step ahead.

  • Window-cleaning robots for home and small buildings : Whenever you use the window-cleaning robot, even your heart becomes clean since you can always watch the outer world through the clean window in the house with nice view.
  • Facade-cleaning robot for high-rise buildings : We are developing the facade-cleaning robot as a human substitute, since human is extremely dangerous in cleaning the facades of high-rise buildings while supporting the body against the rope and it is quite hard to find that kind of human.

RF Co. promises differentiated products and services with our vision and knowhow.