IN Unit, OUT Unit

Windowmate consists of IN Unit, OUT Unit. Each unit has powerful neodymium magnetic and the two modules hold together by permanent magnetic. So it will remain strongly attached to the window whether the power is on/off.


More powerful and cleaner solution

Once attaching to the glass window and pushing the button, it automatically measures the height and width and cleans the entire window. After finishing cleaning it returns to where it started.

When battery is low, it smartly returns to the initial spot

After finishing cleaning, it returns to where is started


Joy of living

The combination of a precise amount of detergent spray and the spinning microfiber pads will clean the windows perfectly.


windowmate for Single Panes windowmate for Double Panes
Thickness Criteria Thickness 5~15mm Thickness 16~24mm
Weight 2.9kg (IN:1.6kg, OUT:1.3kg) 3.2kg (IN:1.8kg, OUT:1.4kg)
SIZE [IN] 218*211*57mm, [OUT] 210*208*50mm
Moving speed 8 centimeters per second
Power comsumption Less than 25 Watts
Adapter Rated voltage AC 110~220V, voltage DC 15V, 1.6A
Battery [IN] Li-poly(7.4V, 2000mAh), [OUT] (7.4V, 2,000mAh)
Charging time around 150 minutes
Usage time around 90 minutes