Title WINDOWMATE for Uruguay and Argentina (passwork 2527)
Writer Alejandro
I send the question again because I could not see his answer (he asks me for a 4-digit passwork to see it) and I thought you would like the same thing with my question.

Good afternoon,

First of all I tell you a little about myself, my name is Alejandro, I"m Uruguayan and I"m a Mechanical Industrial Engineer, I recently did a master"s degree in business and administration (MBA) at the IAE Business School in Argentina.

I work in a family SME that is dedicated to the import of building materials and sale of them, in which I am in the direction of it.

I am interested in starting my own business, and I think that a product like yours has a big market here.

The consultation is if you are interested in developing a representative here in Uruguay and Argentina and if so what would be the requirements.

My personal mail is alejandroadlerb@gmail.com

I remain at the orders for any questions

Greetings atte

Alejandro Adler